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Here in Jersey City we have been operating for long enough to have able to grow a solid local reputation. If you're looking for a good fence company New Jersey, look no further! Everyone loves using our services, friends, families, property owners, neighbors and everything in between. Usually, it takes hard work to get to this point. It is what all small businesses dream of but very few make it. We are happy to say that we have. Now, this website will make the newest addition to our growing fencing platform in the local area. So, valued customer, please feel free to have a look through at your own leisure.


Our team of highly trained individuals have been working with fences for long enough to be able to meet any deadline. Here at fence installation Jersey City NJ, we an fix any damage and to work with anything you put in front of us. It is not that our staff have been handpicked, but we do expect high standards. Therefore, we have been able to build a team of professional servicemen and women who would be joyful to go out. Also, to perform a great job for you. That is our promise and we think it is a pretty good one.


Beautiful Wood Fence Designs

Modern Vinyl Fence Designs

Jersey City Fence Installation Chain Link Fencing

Hello! Thanks for your interest in having us install your new fence for you. We look forward to getting you a great quote and ensuring your fence looks amazing and stands the tests of time. Please note, due to local regulations, you must have a Property Survey or a Pre-Existing Fence in order for us to give you an accurate quote and install your fence. We look forward to hearing from you!

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We're required by local regulations to have a property survey in order to install a fence for you, but if you have a pre-existing fence we can simply replace it without a survey. If you don't have one, please get one and contact us for a full quote! Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you.
If you don't have an existing fence, we're required by local regulations to have a survey before being able to install your fence!
Please include any information we might need to give you the best quote possible.
Our Services

The services that we offer correspond to different types of fencing that we provide. We have split them into six general pages that are easy for you to read. We want to make sure that all of our customers understand what it is that we do. That is easily achieved by our service pages. So, if you want to know more about a particular type of fencing or the best way to go. About a fencing service of your own, just head to the relevant page. However, if you are a general client, get in touch about any questions you have.

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Residential Fencing

We love working in residential areas for one very good reason. We have been doing for a while. Also, it gives us a real kick to be able to help people to make their home areas nicer. The effect we are able to achieve is two-fold: First, we install or repair great fencing. Lastly, we leave you with a smile on your face by the end of the day. Residential services are part of our operations here as a full service fence company Jersey City - take advantage of them now. So if you googled, residential fence companies near me, then you found the right spot.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing may not be the prettiest kind of fencing but it is very affordable and very effective. If you want to make sure that nobody can get into a particular area or if you want to make sure that nothing can get out… just get in touch with us or visit this service page to find out exactly how we operate. Therefore, we are looking forward to hearing from you. We're the go-to fence contractors near me.

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Vinyl Fencing

No, this is not an old record made by contractors from yesteryear - it is the service we offer to do with fencing that has been made of vinyl material. This is a great option for many reasons and we hope that you will consider it for the project that you have in mind. On this service page, you are able to find out how it works, get it in the diary and work out what kind of a requirement this will be on your time and money. A fence can be a big investment, especially for a beautiful vinyl fence, so it's key to find the right Jersey City fence company.

Wood Fence

Wooden fences have been around for as long as anyone can remember. They have been there to see the rise and falls of empires, industrialization with all of the mechanization that it entails, and they are still here. It is a great material to build from, that is why and we want to sell it to you as best we can. Therefore, head on over to the service page and have a read. In addition, you won’t be disappointed.

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Commercial Fencing

Commercial fencing comes with a whole slew of different expectations and considerations. That is why you need to make sure that you are hiring a contractor who knows what they are doing, but also one who has enough manpower and equipment to take the task on. On both of those counts, we are well prepared and therefore you should consider us for your commercial fencing job. We would be very happy to discuss it with you. If you need chain link, check out our chain link fencing page. If you're looking for a reliable "fence company near me" to get commercial fencing done, just get in touch for a free estimate.

Fence Repair

Unfortunately, fences break. Therefore, you should make sure that you pick a contractor who knows what they are doing to give you a helping hand when this happens. It would be our pleasure to take on this job and we hope that you will agree that we are the people to do it. Have a read, come back with a better understanding and then make your choice in an informed way. If you've been looking for "fencing companies near me"

“There are a few mysteries in the fence industry that we have been confused about in the past. For example, privacy fence costs, vinyl fence cost, fence installation cost and more generally, the fencing prices in the area. Well, now we have the answer to the question: how much does a fence cost? - Not much! Give these guys a call to sort it.” - Laure P.

“Fence builders come and go but wood fence cost seems to keep rising. But, not with this company. Cheap fencing awaits. Best fence company New Jersey” -Tom T

“Good fence contractors in New Jersey have been hard to come by recently. We have worked with some poor fence companies but when it comes to cheap privacy fence services, they haven’t done a good job. Now, these guys are much better. Great to have good fence installation near me!” -Loan P.

“We got quotes from several Jersey City fence companies, and while this company wasn't the cheapest by a lot, they were so highly recommended to us we decided to choose them for our privacy fence. Very happy with the result." - Ruth G.

"I strongly recommend Jersey City fence. Not only is it great to have a reliable fence company near me, they have built me personal wood fences for my home, provided metal and chain link fences for my business, and offer others as well. Great place." - Adam M.

“We run a hardware store and outsource some services. JC Fence Co is our go-to Jersy City fence builder, hands down. We'll always go with them if they have an opening for us. I'd feel comfortable recommending them to anyone!" Rudy M.

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There are several ways to get in touch with us and all of the necessary details can be found right here on this website. Therefore, get in touch by giving us a call or by sending us an email and we will respond with the very best in customer service skills. If you looked up fence installation near me you probably found us! There aren’t many who take the care and attention that we do to make sure that you are satisfied with the service we have given you by the end of the day. We're on most of the social medias like Facebook. So, follow us there to get updates on our services! As the top rated fence company in NJ, we are always ready to take your call.

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