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We understand that there are many differences between residential jobs and commercial jobs. There are lots of different types of things that we need to be thinking about when it comes to commercial jobs we take on. Why is this, you might ask? Well, it is because the client is fundamentally different - with different concerns and different motivations. Therefore, we need to reposition our emphasis in a way that compliments this. If you want to know more, just check out the service page below. If you have a question that is not answered here then we would be very happy to over the phone or by email (all our contact details can be found on this website).

We Understand

We are a business too, believe it or not. Therefore, when it comes to the kind of service we can provide, we are well aware of the toll it takes on the company that we will do it for unless we take the due care to minimize the hassle and the stress for them (and for us, too). With that being said, we can be sure to get the work completed to deadline, in a way that does not intrude upon the working day for you guys and we will, of course, make sure that we perform a proper clean up job afterwards. All of this adds up to a great service and it is one that we are very happy to perform.


These jobs start with meetings. This is particularly important when it comes to the business to business dynamic. We are not the experts for everything but we can certainly steer you in the right direction when it comes to fences. Your job in this situation is to lay out the objective that you want to achieve. Whether it is about security or branding or anything else, we are able to change our plan to remain in keeping with the overall goal of your company. For example, we can make sure the color matches your brand or we can make sure that the fencing is cheap enough to not eat too far into your construction budget.

Our Process

The process officially starts with a plan. Once we have completed all of the plans we need to based on the initiatives that you have given us, we can get your approval and get to work. This will include things like a date schedule, the amount of material we need to be bringing and any other bespoke concerns that might be involved. Once all that is sorted, we will come and complete the work to schedule, leaving you with a great fence where you asked for it.

No Returns!

Don’t worry - we don’t mean no refunds allowed. By no returns, we just mean that there is hardly ever a need to be running back and forth from the office or factory we work out of. We will turn up with what we need for the day every time.

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