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Let’s bring it back to the old school for a second. The wooden fence has been a staple of building for… well, forever. 500 years ago people were using wooden fences and before that, 1000 years ago, people were using them even more. Guess what, you can go right back to the dawn of humankind and you will find something resembling a wooden fence. It still exists today and we have the skills and the techniques to make it worth it for you. So naturally as one of the leading fence contractors in New Jersey, we need to talk about it. A timeless product that you should definitely consider. On this service page we want to explain why it is still a great choice for you.


One of the best things about wooden fencing is the price. Because wood is a naturally growing material, we have a supply that is unlikely to be difficult to find. Also, we are able to extract and treat it very easily. We just use the techniques that have been around for millenia to make sure that the wood we use won’t split, will hold firm and will look great, too. All this means that the wood is cheaper than a lot of other materials that people build fences from. Therefore, you should consider it in your list of choices for fencing.


Despite its relative age in terms of the amount of years people have been using it - wood still manages to retain a beauty that is very hard to achieve with other materials. The exact type of this beauty is difficult to discern but it falls somewhere between minimalist and old-school. It is the perfect blend of styles if you ask us and we are very happy to be able to offer it to you know. When you have a wooden fence you can be safe in the knowledge that you are well looked after and that you look like a stylish cat as well.


The third and most important aspect of wood fences that we want to discuss here is their strength. Mother nature does it best it would seem. Wood fences are beautiful and strong at the same time. This means that they will protect from the outside and from the inside as well, meaning you can consider wooden fences for any kind of fencing job that you have in mind. It is a great idea to look into wooden fences from your yard because of these reasons. You will feel protected and secure whilst being the envy of your friends and neighbors as well.

Our Process

So get in touch today! That is how our process begins. We will have a conversation via email thread, over the phone or in person and then arrange a free inspection should we need to, making sure that we have all the information we need to form a plan. Once it is all agreed to, we will come and do what we do best - get the job done! So, what are you waiting for, give us a call!

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